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Alabama Treasures: All Artists and Biographies

In Alabama, there are two things that I believe should interest everyone as much as they do us.  Why? Because we do both, with excellence: football and art.  I’ll let the sportscasters tell you about football, I’m here to herald our art. 

Alabama art is passionate.  From abstracts, to realism, to impressionism, and every genre in between, our art shines.  It may be the twinge of the South that’s in every stroke.  It could be the down-home Southern hospitality that is embedded in each creation.  Or it just might be that feeling of Southern congeniality that we all are raised to convey to everyone we meet.  Whatever it is, you will feel warmer, happier, more melancholy, and more alive when you’re gazing upon an original piece done by an Alabamian. 

We’re not claiming superiority here, just distinction.  On a cold winter’s day in New York, or Maine, or Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, or Portland, (wherever you find yourself), wouldn’t you love to see, and literally feel, the sunshine and warmth of an Alabama painting?  I live in Birmingham, and I can’t find words for the feeling I get when pondering the minds of an Alabama artist, as I let my eyes wander over their creation. 

What about affordability?  Now, I’m not talking cheapness, I’m talking about bang for the buck, baby!  There’s no denying that the cost of living below the Mason Dixon line is generally more affordable.  That translates.  It translates to great talent and works for great prices for original pieces that many can afford.  So, you blessed Yankees, Midwesterners, and East and West Coasters, take advantage of beautiful, quality, Southern art at prices that could make a coal miner blush. 

From a design perspective, there are so many avenues for inspiration – land, natural, animal, fish, figure studies,  folk, and great photography.  Designers (or do it yourself decorators) can take from the multiple styles and colors and put that exclamation point on a great project. 

And that brings up original.  When you can buy original art, instead of prints, for prices that can be digested by most, that just (pardon the pun) creates all kinds of opportunity to collect, enjoy, and pass on fine original paintings. 

So, when you next hear Sweet Home Alabama, or better yet, before that, look at the great artists at Alabama Treasures and bring some Alabama to your neck of the woods.