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Artist: Lauren Adair


I’ve always been inspired by the beauty around us, and I’ve been naturally drawn to creating since childhood. Now as a full-time artist, I feel like I’m embracing my purpose and working in my element every day. I love using mixed media to create deeply-layered and richly-colored work because I can make complex, timeless artwork to spark joy for generations to come.


Born and raised in Georgia, I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in consumer journalism, as well as a fine art associate degree from Young Harris College. I spent 15 years in the corporate/non-profit world before taking the leap of faith to pursue a life and career as a full-time artist. I’ve lived in Birmingham, AL, since 2005, and it’s where my husband Caleb and I are raising our daughters Eleanor and Annabelle along with our black lab Duke.

I’m inspired by the wonder in everyday life and the amazing creation all around us. I believe we all have a God-given desire for beauty. It’s why we chase sunsets, stand in awe of mountain ranges, or stop to admire a piece of art. We were designed with a deep capacity for creativity and our souls long for wonder–as if we’re searching for a small glimpse of heaven on earth.

This drives me to create art to help others nourish their need for beauty. I love painting from my own well of ideas as well as partnering with clients to commission a piece based on their inspiration. I thrive getting to do what I love, with each project and each day being a little bit different. I’d be honored for you to have a piece of my art that sparks the beauty and wonder within you.

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