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Artist: Tim Blanton

The seed was planted at 10 years of age, purely by accident, when I was told that I had “talent”.  But it was 40 years later when I, in earnest, decided to seek out a creative outlet and try my hand at watercolor. Looking back, it was meant to be when I crossed paths with artist and teacher Susan Ripp who for the next 5 years taught me the fundamentals of painting.  One of the many things that Susan instilled was that watercolor has three rules of thumb:

  • Be bold,
  • Stay loose and,
  • Stop painting just before you think you are finished, put the brush down and step away.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic not only changed the world but it changed my course of painting by introducing me to Master Watercolor Artist, Fabio Cembranelli of Brazil.  Fabio was grounded from travel and teaching his sold out world-wide workshops.  He did what many had to do and quickly pivoted his teaching to using Zoom which gave people like me access to his unique techniques.  I am very grateful to both of my mentors for their honest critiques, encouragement and for guiding me to find a palette and style of my own.

Membership includes Central Alabama Artist Guild, Watercolor Society of Alabama,

I currently reside in Birmingham, AL along with my partner, two long haired dachshunds, Scout and Bishop; and Annie, a Carin Terrier. Please visit my website for more information, Tim Blanton Art



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