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Our Story

Tricia’s Treasures began 40 years ago with the vision of the founder Tricia Thomas. Tricia herself was second generation antiques. Her Mom and Dad owned Roberta’s Browse and Buy in East Lake. Tricia started a shop next door to theirs with a style of her own that has continued to evolve. People have consistently been able to count on her “eye” for finding interesting and great pieces, for prices that won’t break the bank.

Tricia believes her customers would agree that three things make the shop unique: furniture, fun, and family. These set Tricia’s apart from some other fine competitors in the greater Birmingham area.


You may be thinking “well, they’re an antique store, of course they have furniture.  What’s so special about that?”   But there truly is a difference in Tricia’s product offering.  The things Tricia stocks and sells are the results of three  important factors – customer wants, special pickers, and Tricia’s eye.  It’s these factors that make the furniture a real value at Tricia’s.

Much of the inventory flows directly from customer tastes and wants.  Tricia’s deep understanding of what customers want drives her ability to stock it or find it.  Wish Lists are popular online, there’s now one on this brand-new website, but it’s not new to Tricia’s, they’ve been doing that for years, albeit with paper and pen.

Tricia’s team trusts the customer to know what speaks to them.  Sometimes customers can easily put that into words, but not always.  When they’re searching to say what they want, the team recommends, advises, and discusses with them, knowing they will raise a hand when the answer becomes clear.  Customers really know all along what they want, sometimes they just need someone to help to see what they already knew.

Secondly, the furniture is the result of pickers that know what Tricia and Tricia’s customers want.  They are local and from far away as well.  Their most important value is that they know what speaks to Tricia, and some regularly travel great distances to get it to her.  These relationships are critical, as they form the supply chain responsible for the furniture that sets Tricia’s apart.

And lastly, the furniture is a reflection of Tricia’s eye for style and value.  Tricia knows what she likes, and she buys it.  At first, this may sound less than customer-centric, but it’s not.  Staying true to her style has given customers old and new the confidence to rely on great, classic pieces at very competitive prices.


You might hear Tricia or the team singing, and if you’ve been around a while, you may have joined in the fun.  And that’s just how they like it.  Making money is critical for the business but making merry is what makes working hard truly worthwhile.

They have fun, and nothing makes them happier than when customers have fun too.  Folks have professed that sometimes they visit when they’re feeling down.  Nothing is more rewarding that that.


Tricia is a second-generation antique dealer.  That makes Matthew her son third gen and his daughter Anna Grace fourth.  Tricia’s believes in family.  But the three generations currently working together, and the rest of the very close-knit team, aren’t the extent of the Tricia’s family.  Customers often find themselves feeling like part of the family, and they are.

If you are a customer, we hope that you feel that way already. If you’re looking for a place with great furniture at great prices, a fun atmosphere, and one that will treasure you as a customer, come see us and see if you too would like to join the family.