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Artist: Anne Proctor (AT)

Anne has been painting for as long as she can remember. She worked in watercolors at a young age and focused on subjects in Nature. She grew up in Virginia Beach surrounded by beaches, marshes, and wildlife, so landscapes were her preferred subjects. She studied Art at Mary Baldwin but ultimately graduated with a Business Management degree. After college, she studied oil painting with Birmingham artists Barbara Evans and John Lonergan and others. Her work could be found at Loretta Goodwin Gallery (now Beverly McNeil Gallery) and later at Little House on Linden Gallery, which has since closed. After a ten-year break to learn metal smithing to
design jewelry, Anne is now back to her oils. Her subject matter continues to be landscapes and wildlife, but nothing is off the table. She loves to paint anything that evokes in her an emotional reaction, always enjoying the challenge of capturing it on the canvas. There is so much beauty in simple moments and subjects; Anne likes to
accentuate natural beauty through color, texture, and movement on both canvas and masonite board. Her work can be found at Wallace Burke (along with her jewelry) in Homewood, AL and Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach, VA.

Anne is married with three grown children, three grandchildren, and a dog named Dot. She works from her 1920’s home studio in Birmingham, AL.

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