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Artist: Wesley Charles

My name is Wesley Charles Holleman. I’m a artist based in Birmingham Alabama. I’ve been creating art for five years now. I enjoy doing so and would feel absolutely lost without it. I have the desire to hone my craft as I grow. My evolution is seen clearly within my body of work. My daily wish is this, “I hope that my work speaks to people, evoking some emotion that forms a connection that you don’t want to let go of” and that humbles me making me realize just how lucky I am to be able to do what I love everyday.

“To create works of art is passion expressed to be displayed and judged, admired or ignored, appreciated or overlooked, desired or discarded. To create art one must be sensitive and tough, driven and determined, with the ability to find inspiration in most everything while always remaining introspective, for this is where we turn information into well considered ideas and decisions.” -Wesley Charles Holleman

See more of Wesley’s art at http://wesleycharles.art

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