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Artist: Mitchell Walters


Jackson, Mississippi.  I have lived in Birmingham for 11 years!

Art History – I took one class my freshman year of college, but I lacked the confidence to pursue art as a career.  I graduated and moved to New York City, where I fell in love with the art of fashion.  Years later, married with three children, I found myself drawn to my earlier love of art, and Mitchell Fine Art bloomed into a business!


Figures, Abstract figures, landscapes, nature.  My favorite paintings have black, white and gold, sometimes with a pop of pink!  I adore to mix modern art with antqique frames.


My grandmother, Edwina Goodman.  She was an opera singer with a beautiful voice.  Later in life, she was no longer able to sing and decided to start “Singing on Canvas.”  She became a successful watercolorist and I enjoyed painting with her as a child.  She had developed dementia by the time I really began painting, and died a few years later.  I now use her old easel and am proud to follow in her footsteps!

Looking for Something Specific?

If you are looking for something specific or would like to commission art to be created just for you, please follow the link below.