About Us

"Tricia's Treasures is an antiques and accessories shop," says owner Tricia Thomas. "A shop for everyone - we often hear that. We have unique and unusual items, as well as the traditional antique, and we have new merchandise daily, weekly and monthly. This summer marked twelve years in Homewood for us. We have a large facil­ity which enables us to have a large inven­tory and, hopefully, a treasure for everyone. We've kept our old customers and friends and made lots of new ones. Our current building is so much easier to get our mer­chandise in and out of and we have been very pleased with our move. I have a sign in the shop that says 'The only thing more overrated than natural childbirth is the joy of owning your own busmess.' What more can I say?! Having your own business is a huge commitment and takes all the time and energy one can muster. The nature of this business calls for a lot of time beyond our shop hours, short trips, house calls, hauling furniture, etc. But for those of us who are in the business it is more than just that; there are compulsions, and addictions. that must be tended - we must look at one more piece, buy one more load - we just can't help ourselves. It's the good and the bad part of being an antiques dealer."

"We feel that our price point is always welcoming no matter what the season, and we encourage folks to give a gift that doesn't go out of style."